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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Parent Communication

Creating strong parent & school connections will lay the foundation for a successful year for your students.  Setting and communicating clear learning goals and objectives, in a nurturing classroom environment, will help parents understand how they can effectively support their child in school.

Tips for Teachers

Sending Home Special Notes


Classroom Website
(Can be set to private settings that are password protected)
Setting up a classroom website that provides a snapshot of daily activities, volunteer opportunities for parents, POST STUDENT WRITING, post documents/ newsletters/ homework and great weblinks to extend learning. 

Send home weekly newsletters (printed/ e-mail) to keep parents informed about all the wonderful things going on in your classroom. 

Parent Communication Binder
Set-up a parent communication binder to keep track of when you reach out to parents & what was discussed.


Plan Family Nights
Families join together to share in the love of learning &
build strong community connections.

Parent Volunteers

Parents as Partners
Providing tools and resources to parents so they can support learning at home.

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Teaching Character Point of View

One of my favorite skills to teach is POINT OF VIEW!  I have been collecting books since I was in college!  It is a true passion of mine.  There are so many rich texts that model point of view that truly capture the interests of both children & adults!  


Fun Group Work Project
Promotes abstract & analytical thinking
Point of view & inference skills
Working cooperatively in a group

AWESOME Lesson Idea!
Students draw their character in the window and write about an 
event as that character would see it. 

Great Mentor Text
Models point of view, context clues to figure out new words & inference skills

Models point of view, inference skills and persuasive writing

Readers Notebook Idea

Book Ideas

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015


This is a great site to use!  It's an online authoring tool that guides you each step of the way.  You design the webquests that are COMMON CORE ALIGNED & based on the individual needs of your class. 

Check out some of these AWESOME Webquests!

Using prior knowledge, researching the rainforest, digging deeper into the text, point of view analysis, persuasive writing to save the rainforest & rubric assessment tool   

Using prior knowledge, comparing & contrasting three public figures, analyze their personal struggles, persuasive writing, develop strong character education skills, student directed goal generation based on knowledge gained from activity, exit slip & rubric assessment tool.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Common Core Aligned Dr. Seuss Activities

Common Core Aligned Dr. Seuss Activities

Truffula Tree Building STEM Project

Teaching Inference 

Cause and Effect 
Using the book "The Lorax"

Fun Common Core Math Activity

Dr. Seuss Biography Passage
Included are great tips to help children 
learn strategies for Close Reading

Graphing Idea

YUMMY Treat Ideas!

FREE Printable Posters for your Classroom

Special gift for your class!

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Google+ Forums for Educators

Great way to learn about new research, techniques & collaborating opportunities with educators.

Special Education Accommodations

As teachers we are dedicated to helping each and every child succeed.  Here are some helpful hints to support and assist children with special needs in your classroom.

I think it is a perfect way to start today's blog post.

Ways to Help a Child with ADHD 
Become More Organized

Track Learning to Guide Instruction

Positive Notes Home
Recognizing all of their hard work & showing how much you care!

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