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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Parent Communication

Creating strong parent & school connections will lay the foundation for a successful year for your students.  Setting and communicating clear learning goals and objectives, in a nurturing classroom environment, will help parents understand how they can effectively support their child in school.

Tips for Teachers

Sending Home Special Notes


Classroom Website
(Can be set to private settings that are password protected)
Setting up a classroom website that provides a snapshot of daily activities, volunteer opportunities for parents, POST STUDENT WRITING, post documents/ newsletters/ homework and great weblinks to extend learning. 

Send home weekly newsletters (printed/ e-mail) to keep parents informed about all the wonderful things going on in your classroom. 

Parent Communication Binder
Set-up a parent communication binder to keep track of when you reach out to parents & what was discussed.


Plan Family Nights
Families join together to share in the love of learning &
build strong community connections.

Parent Volunteers

Parents as Partners
Providing tools and resources to parents so they can support learning at home.

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