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Saturday, June 27, 2015

21st Century Learning

Professional Development @ Your Fingertips!
Amazing classes that you can take around your schedule!  I have taken incredible classes through Teacher's College, Harvard University & Stanford.  There are so many classes to choose from.  Just scroll through and choose the ones that are of most interest to you!

Understand How Blooms Taxonomy Has Changed & 
Transformed the Classroom

Integrating Technology Across the Curriculum
With Blooms New Digital Taxonomy

Evaluate Your Lessons
Are They Aligned to Blooms Digital Taxonomy? 
As you are planning your dynamic lesson plans, here is an incredible checklist to use!

Check Out My 21st Century Learning Posts!

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                                              CLICK HERE                               
                                               CLICK HERE

Engaging Students through 
Integrated Technology

Create a Green Screen for 
Videos in Your Classroom
Just think of the amazing possibilities! 
Your students will be actively engaged and loving every minute!

Green Screen Apps!

Games to Reinforce Learning
Such an incredibly fun way to incorporate technology 
and review important concepts across the curriculum!

Connecting with Educators...The Possibilities are Endless!

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