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Friday, June 19, 2015

Reader's Workshop

I just love this quote and thought it would be a great way to start today's blog post on READER'S WORKSHOP!  One of my favorite parts of teaching is to help children develop their own personal relationship with books & READER'S WORKSHOP  helps to pave the way! 

Introducing Reading Workshop

Great resources to plan, chart growth, set goals and develop individualized instruction! 

Paperless Classroom for Guided Reading

Organizing Reader's Workshop
Setting up rotations

 Student Folders
Student directed learning, documentation and goal tracking

So much fun to do after completing your picture-walk.

FREE Printable for your PREDICTION PAIL

Creating Choice Boards

Questions We Ask While Reading

Anchor Chart Inspiration

Reading Workshop Exit Tickets

Set-up a special time to celebrate the success of your amazing hardworking students!  Awards can be found at the Dollar Store and you can add labels to highlight the individual goals they achieved.  Just imagine the pride they will feel when they are in the spotlight!

Follow links for more resources!

Great resources for engaging your students in NONFICTION TEXT! 

Great resources for planning, organization and assessments!

Great resources for setting up, planning and using READER'S NOTEBOOKS! 

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