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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Writer's Workshop

Reasons Why I LOVE Writer's Workshop
1- All students work at their own level.
2- Students develop a love of writing because they are writing about what they LOVE!
3- Differentiated Instruction!  Assisting each child to reach & surpass their individual goals!

for Writer's Workshop Videos

Great site to help you organize your Writer's Workshop and develop mini-lessons based on the needs of your class.

I love the idea of setting up an organized conference area where you can also display student writing.

Students self-assess themselves and give a visual indication that they are right on target (green) struggling a little/ have 
a question (yellow) and feel stuck (red).  

Lucy Calkins' Small Moments
Such a fun way to teach children how to take "small moments" that happen in their lives and stretch them into amazing stories!

Preparing for Peer Writing Conferences

Partner Cards

So cute!

Conference Form

Planning for Teacher Writing Conferences

Tracking Student Growth

Great motivation for students!

board for more ideas!

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